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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what you might want to know

What is EBIO?

EBIO is a biomedical question answering platform that allows medical practitioners and researchers to ask questions in a natural way and instantly obtain a set of answers from reliable biomedical sources. With EBIO, you can find the best research evidence to support your medical practice, care or studies.

The platform uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing algorithms to understand a question and find a contextual answer in unstructured data. The free version of EBIO uses PubMed as the only source of knowledge.

Factoid questions with a single exact answer, like “Orteronel was developed for treatment of which cancer?” or “What kind of chromatography is HILIC?”, are answered with the highest precision. However, the platform can also deal with questions on which there are a range of possible answers, like “What is known about the effect of acupuncture in smoking cessation?”.

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