Expert Biomedical Information Online

Intelligent information retrieval system that answers biomedical questions

What is EBIO?

The purpose of the semantic search is to better understand the intent behind user queries within a specific context. It means that the user gets more relevant and smart search results.

EBIO allows the user to ask questions in a natural way and instantly obtain a set of answers from reliable biomedical sources.

It is the heart of EBIO. Knowledge graph is a large collection of entities, facts and relationships that help EBIO understand user queries better.

Increase your expertise

Find and use the best research evidence to support your medical practice, care or studies

Get short answer

With EBIO, you can get short and precise answers instead of reading whole documents

Be on the safe side

We use only trustworthy data sources, and you can always follow the links to consult the primary literature

Save your time

EBIO is a real time saver for clinicians, researchers and pharmaceutical industry professionals

Let the numbers speak

11 reliable sources of information

Latest information from medical and scientific sources

29 million scientific publications

Search across millions of documents in less than a second

250 000 knowledge graph concepts

Get access to the powerful knowledge engine for biomedical data

345 million neural network parameters

Our neural networks can find answers better than humans